HIPAA Violation Examples

HIPAA Violation Examples

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been gaining a lot of traction not just in the news but amongst our conversations with friends, families, and close circles as well. Besides our inherent concern for our data privacy, the pandemic has also motivated us even more to protect our medical records and … Read more

RAC Audit Prep Guide

Recovery Audit Contractors

The Medicare Fee for Service Recovery Audit Program is part of our government’s ongoing effort to safeguard and maintain the quality of our healthcare system. Given that almost the entire population of the United States relies on federal health programs like Medicare/Medicaid, it is only reasonable to conduct an audit on these healthcare providers every … Read more

Stark Law: An Ultimate Guide against Medicare Fraud

Stark Law

The world has seen how the American economy leads its progress in technological innovations and far-reaching inventions, particularly in the healthcare system.  Beyond greater heights, however, the United States government has been bombarded with thousands of healthcare fraud cases each year.  As millions of lives were affected by its detrimental costs, the US government has … Read more

Penalties for Medicare Fraud and Abuse

Penalties for Medicare Fraud and Abuse

Penalties for Medicare fraud and abuse can come in many forms. In our previous blog post, we have already established that you can be indicted for Medicare fraud felony. Apart from that, you might also be required to pay hefty fines and even be barred from gaining access to any federal or state healthcare programs. … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to HIPAA Violations

hipaa violations

HIPAA violations can crop up from the simple little things you do at the office, clinic, or hospital. From your everyday documentation system to your staffs’ mode of communication, violations of HIPAA are always looming around the corner. That being said, everyone working in the medical field should treat the HIPAA or the Health Insurance … Read more

Medicare Fraud Rewards

medicare fraud rewards

In an effort to curb Medicare fraud, the government codified law and promised to pay people who provide tips or inside information leading to fraud. Through this move, even ordinary individuals like you can participate in reducing crime and shedding light on undetected fraud that has plagued the health care system over the years.  That … Read more