Practice Areas

Practice Areas

If you are facing possible licensing discipline or revocation because of charges of violating prescribed standards of conduct or operations, alleged sexual misconduct, alleged billing fraud or other misconduct, you should only consider hiring an aggressive professional licensing defense attorney. Michael Khouri protects the rights of doctors, other health care professionals and other licensed professionals (i.e. real estate sales persons, insurance brokers, etc.) who face licensing sanctions upon allegations of unethical or illegal conduct.

Khouri Law can handle all components of your license defense. From the defense of an initial investigation, to case preparation and hearings, to presentations before your professional Board, and to challenging Board actions in court, Khouri Law is prepared to represent your interests. Mr. Khouri has even argued before the California appellate courts on the extent of procedural protections afforded a professional by his licensing Board. If you face a disciplinary action due to allegations of unethical, illegal or substandard practices, everything you worked for could be in jeopardy. Contact Mr. Khouri today to discuss your professional license defense situation.

Mr. Khouri also focuses his practice in the area of Criminal Defense in both Federal and State Courts in and out of California. He has successfully defended criminal defendants in cases charging drug conspiracy, alien smuggling, bank robbery, organized crime violations, Medicare & Medi-Cal fraud, counterfeiting, organized prostitution conspiracies, immigration fraud and more.


With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Khouri has handled multiple federal cases. He has defended individuals charged in large drug conspiracies, prostitution conspiracies, counterfeiting, bank robbery and organized crime cases. His strategy is to pin point the prosecution’s weakness and exploit that weakness to the ultimate benefit of his clients. Focusing mainly on the defense of health care and other white collar professionals, who are charged with criminal fraud, Mr. Khouri has tried cases in Federal courts both in and outside of California. Mr. Khouri is considered a federal criminal defense attorney in Orange County and spends much of his time in the federal courthouse in Santa Ana, CA.


Mr. Khouri also defends clients charged with crimes in state court. Recently, Mr. Khouri successfully defended a third year medical student charged with rape within a hospital. He also recently successfully defended a corporate executive who, while driving killed a cyclist. Mr. Khouri routinely defends health care providers charged with Medi-Cal, workers compensation and other types of fraud in state court.

The Khouri Law Firm represents health care providers in virtually every aspect of Medicare/Medi-Cal program audits, investigations and litigation. Our clients include physicians, medical groups, mental health professionals, pharmacies, nursing homes, home health care agencies, durable medical product companies, dentists and other health facilities. It is extremely important that the health care provider obtain experienced professional representation in responding to a Medicare/Medi-Cal Program audit notice. There are many legal issues raised by a Medicare/Medi-Cal audit which if not resolved properly could lead to professional licensure discipline, the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars or criminal indictment.

Mr. Khouri understands how to correctly respond to audit questionnaires, how to represent a provider during an audit and how to challenge the auditors conclusions in court if necessary. Mr. Khouri also understands how to conduct a self audit through a team of highly qualified defense investigators and auditors. Mr. Khouri is routinely called upon by national insurance companies to defend such audits on behalf of their insureds.

The Khouri Law Firm also prepares and argues appeals on behalf of clients who have not obtained a satisfactory result in the trial court. Mr. Khouri’s vast experience as a trial lawyer enables him to quickly identify errors at trial and argue with confidence and skill at the appellate level. He handles appellate matters in criminal cases, both federal and state, professional licensure cases, and Medicare audit cases. Khouri Law handles appeals in both California state and federal courts. When Mr. Khouri was a deputy district attorney, he represented the statewide association of prosecutors and argued before the California Supreme Court in People v. Bravo (1987) 43 Cal. 3d 600. In that case, the California Supreme court set a new standard for police searches of repeat narcotics offenders. Mr. Khouri has been instrumental in obtaining other published decisions from the California Court of Appeals and the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
The Khouri Law Firm represents plaintiffs in employment discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits. Whether the clients interest is in a confidential settlement or a jury trial, Mr. Khouri has litigated such suits against private companies and governmental entities. At the present time, Mr. Khouri represents the lead plaintiff in a civil rights case in federal court against the county of Orange arising out of the sexual abuse and harassment of inmates in county custody.

We have represented ambulance companies and rescue squads in the defense of federal billing fraud criminal cases and federal administrative audits of Medicare billings. In these matters, we have successfully argued that the courts and administrative agencies should adopt an expanded definition of homebound status and how and when coverage is created for non emergency ambulance transportation of dialysis patients.

Title IX is a federal law that is meant to protect college and university students, namely females, from sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination on campus or during education related activities. Due to unusual stipulations in the law, though, Title IX has become easy for dishonest people to abuse by creating falsified or exaggerated claims of incidents in order to unfairly punish the alleged offender.

Mr. Khouri is a seasoned trial and administrative lawyer. He’s handled administrative cases in the professional licensing area in California, Nevada, Texas, and Florida – a real trial lawyer in the area of sexual assault in criminal, civil and administrative cases. Backed by experienced associates – a strong pick to represent targets of Title IX investigations.