Michael Khouri Defense Attorney Accolades

Michael Khouri successfully prevented indictment for Medicare fraud of a medical equipment company and its owners, who provided high-tech wheelchairs to nursing homes, by demonstrating that Medicare favored coverage after a thorough analysis of the administrative law judge decisions and local and national coverage determinations.

Select Case Achievements

Recently obtained dismissal of federal bank robbery charges by successfully asserting his client's lack of mental competence.

Mike Khouri recently represented a pain specialist in the Washington DC area in a very complex long-term case that ended in a 6/6 hung jury.

Recently obtained acquittal on 8 counts of attempted murder in a case against a leader of a South LA gang.

Recently obtained dismissal of federal bank robbery charges by successfully asserting lack of competence defense.

Recently defended and exculpated medical student from multiple charges of rape in a hospital psychiatric ward; the client was facing a life sentence and served no jail time. This result was achieved through a series of court victories over county and state lawyers who claimed that the psychiatric records of the victims were privileged. Mr. Khouri convinced the trial judge to order the records disclosed and this ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Prevented indictments of President of durable medical products company, prominent dentists, podiatrists, IV infusion pharmacists, chiropractors and physicians by educating law enforcement on proper use of procedure and diagnosis codes.

Prevented Indictment of prominent physician caught up in alleged fraudulent charity.

Obtained dismissal of indictment of prominent podiatrist by discovering and exposing fraudulent billing company.

Obtained probation for prominent software engineer who caused death of cyclist while driving.

Mike Khouri recently obtained the dismissal of multiple felony counts of commercial bribery lodged against a hospital building contractor.

Khouri Law Firm recently prevented the indictment of an internal medicine doctor in a federal investigation of an addiction medicine clinic.

Mike Khouri defends IT executive in a computer fraud federal trial and obtains hung jury.

Saved the license of a health care provider convicted of insurance fraud.

Saved the license of an insurance broker convicted of a crime of domestic violence.

Saved license of chiropractor accused by multiple patients of sexual assault.

Stopped Medical Board investigation of physician convicted of sex crimes.

Saved license of podiatrist convicted of drunk driving.

Saved Board and Care home license after chief administrator was convicted of crime of violence.

Saved license of prominent plastic surgeon accused of having sexual relations with patient.

Mike Khouri obtains reinstatement of CPA’s license after prior felony conviction.

Mike Khouri obtains dismissal of IRS proceeding against CPA to revoke CPA’s right to practice before IRS.

Michael Khouri recently gained a favorable decision in a Medicare Administrative Hearing for a Riverside County based physician whose Medicare Provider Number had been misappropriated and used by third-parties to fraudulently bill for Medicare services without the physician's consent or knowledge. Medicare sought recovery of an alleged $438,000 overpayment. Michael successfully argued that his client was without fault in causing the overpayment and, therefore, should not have been held financially liable for the other parties wrongdoing in defrauding Medicare. As a result of Mr. Khouri's vigorous defense, his client was relieved of all liability for the overpayment.

Mike Khouri recently obtained dismissal of multiple Medicare fraud charges against an Orange County based internist. The charges were based on the doctor's alleged failure to comply with Medicare's so called direct supervision requirement. Mike defended the doctor during a six week federal jury trial which could not reach a unanimous verdict but split 10-2 in favor of not guilty. After such a jury split in favor of acquittal the federal prosecutors dismissed all charges against Mike's client.

Michael Khouri recently obtained major victory by obtaining order from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services administrative law judge requiring private Medicare contractors to provide due process and discovery in audit proceedings.

Saved prominent orthopedic group hundreds of thousands of dollars by advising how to structure adjunct physical therapy practice to comply with auditors demands.

Prevailed in audit of cardiology practice group by educating auditors on evaluation and management code utilization issues and structuring Medicare compliance plan.

Prevailed in Medicare audit of podiatrist by educating auditors on appropriate billing for routine foot care.

Prevailed in Medicare audit of IV infusion pharmacist by educating auditors on methods of compounding IV medications and attacking erroneous Medicare accounting assumptions.

March 2019 - Khouri Law obtained CMS approval to wipe out an $8 million overpayment charge by Medicare to a Tennessee based physical medicine clinic.

*Mike is very proud of these results but remember that each case is different and the results in one case can not predict the results in another.