What Is The Best Defense Against A Malpractice Claim?

Malpractice Claim

As a healthcare professional, you know and understand the importance of providing quality care to your patients. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and malpractice claims can arise as a result. While having proper legal representation is part of any defense strategy, there are many other preventative tactics that may be taken to avoid—or at least reduce the … Read more

How To File A Sexual Harassment Complaint

File A Sexual Harassment Complaint

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue that should never be taken lightly. It can sour morale, create a hostile work environment and make it difficult for victims to speak up. Nevertheless, survivors of sexual harassment have the right to file formal complaints if they feel wronged or uncomfortable in their working environments—and taking … Read more

Workplace Discrimination

workplace discrimination

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against employees based on certain characteristics, such as race, sex, age, or disability. However, workplace discrimination does still occur. Employees who feel that they have been discriminated against should report the incident to their supervisor or to the human resources department. There are laws in place to … Read more

White-Collar Criminal Defense

White-Collar Criminal Defense

White-collar crimes are typically nonviolent offenses that are committed for financial gain. They can include offenses like embezzlement, bribery, and securities fraud. A white-collar criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights if you have been charged with a white-collar crime. If you are facing charges, it is important to get legal help as soon … Read more

What is a criminal defense lawyer?

criminal defense lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer is a type of lawyer who represents defendants who are facing criminal charges. The government can employ criminal defense lawyers, or they can work privately. A criminal defense lawyer’s job is to ensure their client receives a fair trial and the best possible defense. They may also work to get charges … Read more

Examples of Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare Fraud

Many types of fraud can occur in the healthcare industry, from billing for services that were never provided to overcharging for products. Healthcare fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year and undermines the integrity of our healthcare system. This blog post will give a few examples of common healthcare scams. By understanding what to … Read more

What is wage theft?

what is wage theft

One of the most fundamental labor standards in the United States is that workers must be paid for labor. However, wage theft – which occurs when an employer fails to pay an employee for their work – is a significant problem in this country. An estimated $50 billion is stolen from workers each year through … Read more

Flagged PPP Loans: What is it?

Flagged PPP Loans

As many US presidents used to say, “small businesses are the backbone of America.” That is why many private lenders and credit unions are working with government agencies such as the Small Business Administration to empower as well as provide assistance to small business owners. But because of the pandemic, many of them as well … Read more